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Press Release: Tablet Testing Tamed!

Astech Projects launch the new T-Pro, a revolutionary Tablet Processing system for drug content analysis at IBLA, Olympia, UK (November 15-16). T-Pro’s unique design gives it the ability to fully automate content uniformity testing and stability analysis, leading to higher throughput rates than ever before.

Anthony Moran, Astech’s Business Development Manager explains “current industry expectations are 1 tablet every 30 minutes, creating backlogs in batch testing, this is often accompanied by vessel size restrictions.” Anthony continues “T-Pro offers a market-leading throughput restricted only by the number of modules. Improved scalability allows users to specify the number of homogenisers, vessel size and volumes for dissolution.”

Astech are renowned for their superiority in bespoke design and engineering quality and the T-Pro is no exception. Long term reliability is conferred through robust, high spec robotics and design excellence. Together with dependable reliability, running costs are also reduced by a novel filtration system which removes the need for expensive consumables. T-Pro’s advanced, easy-to-use software supports parallel processing functions for high throughput and is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Every aspect and detail of T-Pro has been designed to meet the individual needs of the user and key areas of the system to suit their requirements and budget. T-Pro’s flexibility means it can be integrated with Liquid Chromatography (LC) systems and Chromatographic Data Systems (CDS) for automated analysis of samples. T-Pro can also be further integrated with proprietary stand alone tablet testing systems to provide a complete automated solution.

The T-Pro complements Astech’s automated inhalation and regulatory respiratory technology, adding to their portfolio of highly automated drug delivery equipment.

Astech Exhibit - Olympia London UK

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ASTECH Projects create bespoke automation systems for each customer's unique requirements. ASTECH are specialists in a number of key areas such as Inhaler and Respiratory automation, High Throughput Experimentation (H.T.E) and novel "never been done before" solutions. ASTECH also integrate existing semi-automated systems (i.e. autosamplers, powder dispensers and specialist laboratory equipment) to produce truly innovative solutions that are admired throughout the industry. ASTECH deliver automation solutions that are both robust and fit for purpose. Our key customers are in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Food and Petro-Chemical industries.

We will gladly discuss our pioneering solutions in the Inhalation, Respiratory, Nasal and High Throughput Technology fields with fully automated solutions for Emitted Dose, Cascade Impaction, Next Generation Impactor (aNGI), High Throughput Catalyst Discovery, High Throughput Experimentation (H.T.E), High Throughput Screening (H.T.S), ADME Tox and bespoke automation for various Pharmacopeia methods .

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