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Astech Projects launch the Xelair Series 5 automated inhaler tester

Astech Projects

Leading automation developer, Astech Projects, has announced the launch of its new fully automated Xelair® Series 5 system for automated inhaler testing. This system incorporates all existing features of the Xelair 1 and 3 series’ such as reduced variability, increased productivity and cost reduction. Additionally, the Xelair Series 5 includes the Device Handling and Storage (DHS) module with optional waste fire, which offers fully automated storage, handling and transfer of all devices. Therefore, the need for manual inhaler firing is eliminated, enabling the user to leave the system to operate unattended for up to 24 hours.


Utilising the latest robotic manipulator technology for increased throughput, robustness and flexibility, the Xelair Series 5 system offers an increased capacity for emitted dose collection. Furthermore, the ability to test up to 200 inhalers per day maximises testing in the minimal amount of time. This premium technology provides a fully automated solution for testing Dose Content Uniformity of the Emitted Dose, with each system and module designed to allow easy integration with each unique product. Astech Projects’ Sales and Marketing Director, Anthony Moran commented, “There is a real demand for increased throughput and consistent data within the pharmaceutical industry, a need which can be met with the Xelair systems. These products facilitate repeatable and reliable data, catering for changing client needs by allowing seamless migration between products in the Xelair range”.


As one of the world leaders in drug discovery and manufacturing testing automation, and with an unsurpassed portfolio of next generation solutions for the major pharmacopoeia tests in respiratory, solid dose and injectables, Astech’s high quality systems are fully validated in line with EU/US FDA and ROW regulatory requirements. For further information on the new Xelair Series 5 premium technology, please visit

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