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Astech Projects has today announced the launch of Syringe-Pro, a new fully automated solution for pre-filled syringe sample preparation and testing. Developed as an extension to its Tablet-Pro technology, the new Syringe-Pro can significantly increase the throughput of in-line sample analysis. With unmatched performance, process reliability, and workflow efficiency, the Syringe-Pro offers clear benefits to the pharmaceutical industry, as evidenced by AstraZeneca’s use of a tailored version of the platform. 

As a robust and fully automated system, Syringe-Pro can efficiently perform all of the major steps involved in sample preparation including, syringe content deposit, sample dissolution (including vortexing), dilution, dispensing and sample storage, with a further option for injecting to analysis equipment. In addition, operator hazards are minimised compared to manual testing, with the efficient disposal of spent consumables and syringes. Innovative, easy-to-use software -developed to support compliance with electronic record and signature regulations - allows quick and simple set-up of preparative and analytical procedures with minimal training.

Astech Projects’ Sales & Marketing Director, Anthony Moran said, “The Syringe-Pro’s advanced software allows discrete functions to operate concurrently, so sample preparation and analysis can take place simultaneously. This has allowed us to increase throughput significantly when compared to existing automated systems. This provides significant cost benefits to the pharmaceutical manufacturer.”
Astech Projects are accredited with ISO 9001 TickIT and the new Syringe-Pro system  has been designed to meet the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and is fully compliant with 21 CFR 11. 

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