From Concept To Completion

Astech can supply fully automated and semi automated workstations to analyse the plume and sound signatures of pMDI devices. These automated solutions utilise modular components from our library of respiratory products.

Plume Analysis

A plethora of recorded data can be gathered very quickly using this type of technology. Shake profiles are fully configurable and include linear, arc inversion and rotational. When the pMDI is fired state of art image capturing technology is used to record the plume profile. Profiles are stored in a secure database environment for easy retrieval and analysis.

Generated data can be used for development of a new device or for batch release testing using a simple “Pass / Fail” of the plume against a previously stored “good plume”. In this instance the system is often employed near the production line to give immediate feedback for production batches.

Sound Analysis

Astech can also record the sound each pMDI makes as it is fired. A “bad fire” will give a different sound signature to a “good fire”. This can be characterised using in-built analysis software. Again data can be securely stored, retrieved and analysed. Alternatively, it can be used to provide simple “Pass / Fail” decisions production batches.