From Concept To Completion

Astech provide inhaler shake-fire solutions to meet your specific requirements. From arc-inversion shake profiles to linear shake profiles, Astech have the solution for you. Integrating this equipment with other products in our inhalation testing portfolio provides solutions for all of the common regulatory tests encountered.

Key features include:

  • “True” user configurable profile generation
  • Profile monitoring for added assurance
  • Intuitive GUI application
  • Linear shakes up to 6Hz
  • Rotary/Arc shakes up to 6Hz

Optional extras:

  • Sophisticated firing technology with real-time force and distance measurement
  • Integration with our Xelair® series products for Automated Emitted Dose Testing
  • Integration with our Xelize® series products for Automated Andersen Cascade Impaction
  • Integration with our Xelox® series products for Automated NGI testing