Astech was established in 1995. Since then, steady growth means we have become leaders in complex automation, offering high quality, robust solutions to many professional industries including nuclear, water, petro-chem, pharmaceutical and food. Many solutions include novel “never been done before” automated techniques that Astech have invented, tested and industrialised to meet special Customer requirements. This activity has driven Astech’s reputation as an innovative and forward thinking supplier. Developing solutions for bespoke and novel applications has become our core skill and something we are keen to maintain.

Our longevity now means that we are able to offer advanced, product based solutions into key business areas and demonstrate vast knowledge of specialist industry segments. However we don’t want to forget our roots. Our core ability to quickly analyse and understand new business areas in order to develop innovative solutions is the key to our special applications group. They are constantly looking for emerging markets and opportunities to develop novel technology for new Customers.

If you have a requirement for automation, but struggle to find a product that meets your exact requirements, contact Astech to discuss how we can help. We have proven techniques to get development projects up and running using professional project management skills to ensure cost, timescales and risk are under total control throughout the process. You will be surprised at how quickly we can undertake the first step, providing you with confidence and an assurance of our capabilities for a quite limited cost exposure.