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From Concept To Completion

In today’s competitive markets there is increasing pressure on the formulation scientist to produce optimal formulations for new products. At Astech we understand that preparation of different formulations vary considerably and each company prepares their formulations in various different formats. The flexibility of Astech’s systems ensures that various formulation and test protocols can be handled in a number of different formats by one fully automated system. Astech solutions integrate the latest powder handling, liquid handling and analysis technology with state of the art software solutions, meaning that various formulations and experiments can be carried out in parallel ensuring that the time to discovery and product development is dramatically reduced.

Our advanced software solutions include scheduling, flexible experiment/method creation, parallel processing, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), extensive data storage, analysis facilities, and compliance to 21 CFR part 11 where required. These software solutions ensure that the throughput of the

finished system is optimised and all data is fully controlled. Astech will provide a tailored solution to your exact requirements ensuring that your formulation/test methods are not compromised in any way. Solutions we have already successfully delivered to Industry include:

polymer catalyst
New Compound
Flexible Cell
Mini Flex