Automation Consultancy Services


Automation Consultancy

As automation experts, we work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and their business goals so we can advise appropriate automation solutions that will deliver significant productivity and efficiency benefits.

Our wide experience in implementing automation systems across a range of industries gives real-world backing to our technical expertise. However, as each system is different and each business is unique, we use our knowledge to define solutions that are specific to the client’s needs.

The process begins by understanding the way in which a laboratory, or a production facility, for example, works, so that we have in depth knowledge of its processes, inputs, outputs, challenges and requirements, as well as the regulatory framework within which it has to operate. If applicable, we can assess the equipment currently in use and accurately pinpoint the areas in which the latest automation technologies could deliver business benefits such as enhanced productivity.

System integration, upgrades and migrations

If critical systems need to be upgraded or changed, we’ll analyse the possible risks and ensure that robust mitigation plans are in place. This can be achieved with familiar risk tools such as Risk Assessments, HAZOPs and FMEAs, for example.

Many facilities have introduced piecemeal automation as it became available and now face the challenge of integrating the parts into a unified system. We can assess your current configuration and provide options for system integration, assessing the benefits for each option. Clients sometimes want to weigh up integration proposals and compare them with the costs and benefits of commissioning a new system. In these cases, our automation consultants can provide an objective and balanced cost-benefit and risk analysis.

In other contexts, clients want to purchase systems or technology from different suppliers but need help in integrating these systems to ensure that they work together from the outset. In this case, our automation consultants are able to specify the architecture, platform or interface requirements to produce a coherent and fully functioning application.

Part of our job is to ensure that clients have an up to date view of the automation technology that is currently available and the kind of business benefits it can provide. But we are also able to future-proof investment decisions, by providing strategic business intelligence on future automation developments in their specific industry sector.

As automation experts, we give realistic and focused advice, informed by expert knowledge gained since 1995. Our consultancy work produces information that allows our clients to realise the full potential of automation in a pragmatic and business-focused way.