Automation reduces workplace injury

Many businesses are turning to automation to reduce workplace injury and work-related ill health costs

The effect workplace injury and work-related ill health has on the economy

Each year, significant numbers of workers are injured or made ill by their work. Statistics show that in 2016/17 1.3 million workers suffered from work-related ill health equating to 31.2 million working days lost. Stress, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost. Injuries and ill health in workers in Great Britain resulting largely from current working conditions cost around £14.9 billion in 2015/16.


How can automation reduce workplace injury and work-related ill health costs?

With workplace injuries and work related ill health in Great Britain amounting to over 31 million working days lost in 2016/17 many companies are investing in alternative resources such as robotic and automation technologies to improve quality and efficiency. Automated technology is now commonly used in the workplace for repetitive tasks with the automated systems designed to accurately perform the same process over and over without mistake. Automation significantly reduces the mounting costs associated with workplace injury and ill health by offering benefits such as labour saving, production costs, improved repeatability and cycle times. Given the health benefits, most forward thinking industrial sectors have already heavily invested in robotic technology. The recent trend for the ‘Factory of the Future’, SMART Factory or so called ‘Industry 4.0’ has led to an increased awareness of the benefits that robotics and automation can bring which has resulted in the realisation that automation in the workplace is now a fact of life.

So where do you start? – Find an automation expert.

UK based, Astech Projects are a leading supplier of robotic and automation solutions to the world’s best known companies for both Industrial and Laboratory applications. Astech’s systems have already been adopted within many advanced manufacturing and regulated industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer healthcare, chemical, aerospace and automotive.

Offering a quality, bespoke design and build service, Astech can provide unique and customer specific industrial quality robotics and automation systems to companies worldwide.

With over 20 years’ experience in automation Astech have established quality systems to get your projects started. Astech use professional design and project management techniques to ensure cost, timescales, quality and risk are under control throughout the whole process.

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