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Bespoke Automation Solutions

There are as many different automation scenarios as there are businesses and work processes. With vast experience of designing bespoke automation systems in a range of industries, from laboratory to aerospace, we’re able to appreciate what’s unique about your business environment and its requirements. That allows us to suggest the most cost-effective solution for your application and to deliver a robust custom automation system that enhances efficiency, productivity and safety.

Whether the need is in a pharmaceutical laboratory, aircraft production, medical device assembly, petro-chemical or other advanced manufacturing industries, we can supply cutting edge systems that are robust, flexible and maintainable.

Astech was established in 1995 which through experience has enabled us to become leaders in complex custom automation applications, offering high quality, robust solutions to many industries including: advanced engineering and manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare and petro-chemical sectors. Many solutions have “never been done before” using automated techniques that Astech have invented, developed and industrialised to meet special customer requirements. This activity has driven Astech’s reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking supplier. Developing automated solutions for bespoke, novel applications has become our major core competence and something we are very proud of.

Our longevity as a company means we are able to offer advanced proven solutions to other sectors that are lagging behind in adopting automation technology. Our core ability to quickly analyse and understand new application areas in order to develop innovative solutions is the key to our success. 

If you have a requirement for automation, but struggle to find a product that meets your exact requirements, contact Astech to discuss how we can help. We use proven design techniques to ensure requirements are fully identified before the project commences – this means you get the system you want whilst considering quality, timescales and cost.

The first step involves discussing your process with Astech. This will enable us to provide a free, no-obligation proposal including a concept, technical description complete with 3D drawings and indicative pricing.