Mobile Collaborative Robots


Upgrade your laboratory with a robotic lab assistant 


Take a different approach to automation with mobile collaborative robots that connect both manual and automated processes.


Free scientists from repetitive tasks and increase productivity in your existing lab without changing the current infrastructure.



mobile collaborative robots



The Mobile Collaborative Robot utilises existing laboratory hardware, so it is an affordable way to bring automation into your laboratory.  Once in the laboratory the Mobile Laboratory Robot will give you access to 24/7 operation, allowing you to break free from the traditional 9-5 routine.


It is simple and straightforward to set up the Mobile Collaborative Robot, create a map, and teach the robot to interact with the hardware in a laboratory.  Once this is done UniteFlow software ensures that any member of the laboratory staff can set up a workflow to utilise the robot. 


It is straightforward to switch the Mobile Collaborative Robot between one workflow and another depending on demand.  If a completely different requirement arises, grippers can be swapped out and flasks, beakers or tubes could be handled as well as SBS plates.


  • Mobile base with long battery life that can turn in tight spaces
  • Autonomous navigation based on technology used across industry
  • Customisable housing can have built in storage for multiple plates
  • Collaborative robot with multi-axis arm provides full range of motion
  • Camera and computer vision system for precise localisation
  • Grippers capable of handling delicate tubes and plates
  • See more specifications



autonomous cobot

Change the way you think about automation


Rather than automating individual elements or processes in the traditional fixed way, a mobile robot moves between your existing equipment and can even integrate manual tasks into a repeatable, traceable and efficient automated workflow.  


  • Less costly than other forms of automation, offering great value for the functions and efficiencies it provides.
  • Not as complex as you might think to set up and control, with intuitive programming and friendly workflow software.
  • More flexible than traditional automation, with each robot capable of performing multiple tasks and learning new ones.
mobile robots automation vision system
robot vision system

Vision system

Guides the robot arm allowing precision pick up of small components and collaborative working with laboratory staff 

mobile robots automation platform
robot platform

Mobile Platform

Established autonomous mobile technology with smart sensing that allows the robot to navigate around objects or even moving people

mobile robots automation storage
robot storage


Transport multiple items such as additional plates and modify to suit your needs

mobile robots automation arm
robot arm

Robot Arm

Multi-axis robotic arm allows 360º operation so there is no restriction on gripper positioning 

mobile robots automation grippers
robot grippers


As standard the grippers are capable of picking up small items of lab equipment such as tubes and plates with ease

mobile robots automation software control
robot software control

Easy to Use

You’ll find teaching the robot new tasks surprisingly easy. Create workflows and schedule tasks with UniteLabs’ fantastic software



Get a great user interface and set up workflows in an instant with UniteLabs software


Astech and UniteLabs are both members of SiLA, an organisation that aims to make connecting laboratories easier through open standards. 

Specialising in software for scientists, UniteLabs can visualise and control any piece of networked equipment in your laboratory, using SiLA. Our mobile robot works seamlessly with UniteFlow’s simple to use software giving you full control over your integrated laboratory anytime anywhere. 

Visit UniteLabs for a full tour of their UniteFlow software.





Get a Closer Look


Not sure if a mobile robot is right for you? Why not try one with our on-site demo.


Rent a mobile lab robot for a month and get:

          • Unrestricted UniteFlow license for one month
          • On-site installation and training
          • Full online support throughout the project
          • Equipment logistics
          • Analysis and final report



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