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Automation Machine Building

As product innovation evolves over time, manufacturing solutions grow in complexity and machine builder’s face the even increasing challenge to not only keep up with progress, but to also improve productivity output whilst lowering costs. That is where we excel. Astech are recognised as one of the UK’s leading automation machine builders, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in improving productivity for leading worldwide manufacturers. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their unique and evolving requirements, and then design and develop machines and production lines that can accommodate all requirements.

There is only one way for companies to compete and outperform regions that enjoy cheaper raw materials and reduced labour costs – through expertise and high productivity. For most industries this means investing in automation and robotic machine building, but even that isn’t enough of an advantage when relying solely on commercial off-the-shelf solutions. Off-the-shelf machines have often been built for somebody else’s unique specifications and in many cases utilise dated or inefficient technology. These off the shelf products often lack the flexibility to satisfy the unique requirements that each individual manufacturer has today; and worse still, these solutions many not be future proof to keep up with demands yet to come. Ultimately few things can sabotage a manufacturer’s performance and productivity faster than unreliable or unsuitable equipment.

Special purpose machine builders like Astech not only optimise your production line for your own unique purposes but build in the modularity and flexibility you need to keep evolving and stay ahead of the curve. Whether that is to keep up with your business growth and changing demands, or making sure that you have future-proof compliance with the ever changing industry regulations and new safety technologies.

Off-the-shelf automation products can often appear to be a lower cost and easier option; but this could be a false economy as these solutions often have redundant features and limited flexibility that can incur additional costs over time. Added to this, existing machinery can often be integrated into a bespoke solution that is designed and implemented by Astech Projects, which is not always the case with off-the-shelf products and solutions.

Astech Projects specialist machine building services include electrical, mechanical and software design, project management, fabrication, testing, installation, integration, training and full lifecycle support services. Innovative thinking is simply not possible without an innovative machine builder at your disposal. Unlike other machine builders who only specialise in certain aspects of the projects life cycle, we offer a full solution from concept to completion. Astech Projects are a company you can trust with even the most complex automation projects.