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Industrial Automation > Case Studies > Nuclear Applications

Special Manipulators

Astech has extensive experience of special manipulators for both production outage and decommissioning applications. Techniques including remote handling, advanced manipulator control, data processing, vision analysis and tool change play a big part in this type of application. Combined with the harsh, potentially active environment in which the equipment must operate these applications require an experienced, specialist and professional supplier. Over 60% of Astech engineering staff have nuclear experience, totalling in excess of 95 man years’ experience within the industry.


One of Astech’s niches is its advanced software applications development group. This group has extensive experience in the development of complex control system solutions for real-time applications. We have expertise in inverse kinematic modelling, vision systems and real time resolved motion joystick control. Astech implement solutions using conventional PLC technology, industrial PC and VME environments. This puts Astech in a unique position to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to meet your exact requirements.

The nuclear industry requires both “thoroughbred” and “agricultural” manipulators to fulfil its varied requirements. Astech has experience with a breadth of solutions, from high-precision clean robotics to hydraulic based, heavy duty decommissioning equipment.

Decommissioning Applications

Astech design, manufacture, test and commission bespoke automation and manipulator systems tailored to your exact decommissioning requirements.

At Astech we recognise the extent and complexity of decommissioning programmes and we endeavour to set up a team approach, focusing on customer liaison, to ensure the complexity of the programme and the core objectives of the project are fully communicated and understood. We use Prince 2 based project management techniques and bring our extensive knowledge and know-how of manipulators, robotic systems, control systems and industrial software to the decommissioning table. Astech can provide a single point of contact for all your automation and control requirements.

Tooling and Tool Changing

Astech design and develop custom tooling and tool change systems for bespoke applications. This equipment is often essential when carrying out complex decommissioning activities.

We can provide multi-functional robotic grippers utilising gripper exchange facilities. We can expand the number of tools available at the workface without the need for manual tool changes and maintenance, thus reducing the Operator’s time in the hazardous area.

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