Industrial Automation > Case Studies > Process & Packaging

Industrial Automation > Case Studies > Process & Packaging

Astech is highly focussed on processing and packaging automation for industry sectors where product quality is the customer’s highest priority.

Astech provide customised automation solutions for all areas of processing and packaging including but not limited to: feeding, sorting, picking, placing, packing, vision and inspection as well as integration with third party packaging equipment and secondary packaging processes. We can provide product tracking information and inspection solutions necessary to ensure overall product integrity, which is particularly important in medical device and pharmaceutical applications.


Astech’s capabilities include bespoke machine building, systems integration and complete software solution delivery including graphical user interfaces and integration with customer management information systems such as SAP.

Astech recognises that processing and packaging requirements constantly evolve and automated solutions have to be flexible to allow for changes in production volume and product design characteristics. Advances in machine vision and robotics allows Astech to offer flexible solutions that can be re-configured and scaled to suit a customer’s changing requirements.

At Astech Projects, we specialise in complex automation problems involving more than the supply of standard off the shelf packaging machinery.