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Systems Integrator Services

Robotics and Automation systems integrators add value by applying their knowledge and vast experience, to implement and deliver even the most complex automated platforms. Astech are recognised as one of the UK’s leading systems integrators and we work closely with our partners and suppliers to provide our clients with a complete integrated automated system that is suitable for their workflow requirements

We recognise that our clients all have different data flows, instruments to integrate and sample transport requirements to automate their worfklows. However, what remains common is an understanding of the benefits systems integration brings, such as increased productivity and efficiency, safer operations and greater capacity.  At Astech, we believe that automation is a tool that everyone should have access to, so we’ll work with you to come up with a solution fits within your budget and can be used and maintained by anyone within your organisation.  With any automated platform, you want it to use the best tools for the job. With the advent of Industry 4.0 tools including machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, collaborative robots (co-bots) and intelligent connected field devices, otherwise known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), the role of a systems integrator is becoming increasingly important and necessary.

With the increased efficiencies resulting from systems integration, the volume of data being collected, analysed and manipulated is growing at an unprecedented rate. Likewise, the technology being adopted by instruments, software platforms and information management systems is becoming more and more sophisticated to handle this increased volume of data.  However, further scientific advances and innovations critically depend on systems becoming more complex, increasingly integrated, and highly adaptive. There is an industry trend to address this with flexible, modular approaches to systems integration.  Our workcell products are designed with this in mind and when combined with our control software, Relovex® and a collaborative approach to design with our clients, it allows us to deliver automated solutions that are second to none.  We take pride in knowing that our clients can be safe in the knowledge that the solution we deliver meets their requirements and can more than likely be easily adapted to meet their future needs too.

Astech have been integrating systems successfully for over 25 years across diverse industries and have formed close long-lasting relationships with our key suppliers. These close relationships with some of the largest Industry 4.0 automation component and robotics suppliers globally means we are qualified and well placed to provide industry with the very latest next generation automation solutions.